Tesla Pi Phone Price in Qatar 2022 Full Specifications

The good news for all citizens living in Qatar is that Elon Musk’s latest smartphone, Tesla PI, is about to be unveiled in the country. For those of you who want to use a smart phone, this phone is a special surprise. As always, Elon Musk uses the latest technology in all of his products.

So this mobile phone is available at affordable prices for all citizens residing in Qatar. According to various media reports, the phone has entered the market in early May. For those who are looking for this model phone from Tesla Mobile Company, we have discussed here the detailed information about how much the phone is priced in Qatar and what is included in its specification.

Tesla Pi Phone Specifications & Features

In late April, Elon Musk announced that he would be launching a new model of mobile phone through his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Immediately after this incident, people all over the world have become very interested in this mobile. The specifications and pictures of this mobile have been officially published through various social media.

Tesla PI Phone Price in Canada

This new smartphone is expected to compete with some of the best feature phones. In this case, as a Qatari resident, you will want to know about the full feature because you will buy the phone from the market only after judging it. In the following section we have discussed the complete specification of Tesla PI mobile in detail.


Design & Display 

In terms of design and display, this mobile phone will surpass all current phones. Revealed in early May through the official Facebook page where we see that the phone has a great design. The back of the phone has a triple camera setup but the phone does not look thick from the back.

Looking at the disco of the mobile, we can see that this mobile has a 6.8 inch full HD display which, as always, a Corning Gorilla Glass is used to protect the display which is a little bigger than other phones which will give you security.


You can enjoy something great as an internal stage of the mobile. The mobile uses 8 GB RAM and 512 GB internal storage which in a word is not used in any other current phone. This phone is expected to perform well for those of you who are looking for a gaming phone.


The camera feature of the mobile features a triple camera on the back, each of which is 12 megapixels. It comes with Full HD Flash Lite. The front has a remarkable 12-megapixel selfie camera capable of capturing full HD video.

Tesla Pi Phone Price in Qatar

As a Qatari citizen you must know the price of the phone if you are interested in buying it. Before buying a phone we must know the price of this phone. This model phone has already been launched in different markets of Qatar in early May. You can pre-order it if you want.

For your information, this Tesla PI Five-G model phone is priced at around 3,641,00 Pound.

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