Tesla Pi Phone Price in Canada 2022 with Full Specifications

Elon Musk Tesla has recently decided to release a smartphone to occupy its place in the smartphone market. To this end, Tesla has already announced the launch of PI Phone via Twitter and Facebook pages. People around the world, especially Canadians, have shown great interest in this mobile phone since the official announcement of Elanche, due to which there is a lot of interest to know about the price of this mobile phone in Canada.

As a Canadian citizen you must want to use a good quality smart phone in which case Tesla Mobile Company will play the most important role for you. It is expected that Tesla’s new smartphone will compete with Apple’s iPhone.

If you live in Canada and are interested in this phone if it is within your budget then you must know about the price and full specification of this phone. Arranged with all the awesome features that can attract any mobile phone users. In the following section we have presented for you detailed information about Tesla Pi Phone Price in Canada with full specifications. So you must verify the information provided by us and find out about this phone.

Tesla Pi Phone 2022 Specs & Features

At the beginning of the discussion we discussed the detailed specifications of the Tesla Pi Phone mobile phone for Canadians. Advances in Information Technology 6 Nowadays we smartphone users have become much more fond of which is why it is more important for us to know about the font specifications when buying a phone.


Colors & Design

Several of his pictures have already been shared on social media before the mobile phone was released. From the actual pictures through social media we can see that the phone is going to be released in the market in three colors in total. Looking at the design, in a word, you will find it amazing and the color will appeal to you a lot, which is one of the best aspects of this mobile. There are rumors that the colors will be black, gold, and blue.

Tesla PI Phone Price in Qatar 


When Dessler looks at the display of this newly released phone, we see that the flower has a huge display where you will find a 6.8 inch full HD display. Video resolution will not be a problem for your eyes as the display color grading system is very beautiful.


Used as internal storage, 8GB RAM and 512GB internal storage is one step ahead of all other avenues. In a word, this mobile is considered to be the best option for those of you who like Grameenphone in terms of smartphones.

Tesla Pi Phone Price in Canada

Tesla’s new PI model will be unveiled soon and will be available in the Canadian Marketplace. A price has already been set by the company where we see that you have to pay Canadian $ 1500 to purchase this model of phone. So those of you who want to buy this fruit can already pre-order online as various e-commerce websites are selling this phone online.

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