Leon’s Customer Service Head Office Phone Number, Address & Complaints

Leon’s Furniture Ltd. is one of the most significant and important furniture companies in Canada. Founded in 1909, this popular furniture company has long gained a reputation for providing quality furniture to its customers.

Canadians prefer to decorate their homes with furniture, which is why they purchase different types of furniture from all the branches of the company in Canada. You must know the customer service center to know about the furniture to buy the furniture or to solve any problem after purchasing the furniture.

Leon’s Customer Service Head Office Phone Number, Address & Complaints All the information we have published through our website so that you can tell them any of your problems. This will allow the company to resolve your issue within a short period of time and provide you with accurate information about any product.

Leon’s Head Office

Leon’s Furniture Ltd has opened branches of their company across Canada, which is why Canadians are looking for this number. In most cases they want to report their problem directly to the head office. Which is why online they are looking for the address of the head office of this company.

Leon’s Furniture Ltd has set up a head office where you can contact them directly to provide maximum service to their customers. Through this head office you can find out any information related to furniture and discuss any problem with them.

  • Corporate Office: Leon’s Furniture Limited 45 Gordon MacKay Road Toronto, Ontario M9N 3X3, Canada
  • Headquarters Email: customercare@leons.ca or investors@leons.ca
  • Leon’s Furniture Corporate Office phone number: 416 243-7880
  • Corporate Fax Number: 416 243-7890
  • Official Website: https://www.leons.ca/

Leon’s Customer Service

Leon Furniture Limited has launched a 24-hour Customer Service Center to provide maximum service to its customers. You can contact all these customer service centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To find out about any furniture, you can call the customer service center to find out the price and category of the product.

On the other hand, if you encounter any problem after purchasing the product, your problem can be reported by contacting the customer service center. In order to help you, we have disclosed here the contact numbers of Leon Customer Service.

So do you want to get the Customer service Number? Then here the Leons Customer Service Contact number: 416 243-7880. You can call them only from 10:00 AM to 09:30 PM.

Leon’s Head Office Phone Number

Leon Furniture Limited has opened their head office in Canada where you can contact us directly for any issues. To help many Canadians who are looking for Leon Head Office phone numbers, we have provided the phone numbers below.

You can report any product information and problems directly to the head office. Company officers working at the head office: will contact you and try to solve your problem. The head office has more than 300 employees who are managing the company.

So for your kind information, the Leon’s head office number is 416 243-7880. You can call to them from 10:00 Am to 09:30 PM for any Leon’s furniture-related query.

Leon’s Furniture Managements

Terrence Thomas Leon: CEO & Director
Edward Florian Leon: President, COO & Director
Constantine Pefanis: Chief Financial Officer
Dave Brian Freeman: President of the Brick Division
Michael J. Walsh: President of the Leon’s Division

Leon’s Furniture Social Profile

You can communicate through various social media on their official Facebook page WhatsApp account Instagram account because there their staff is sitting with you for live chat. You can talk to them directly about your problem from your profile. Below is a list of all the social media that can be contacted by the Lyon authorities.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • DnB
  • Contact Form
  • FAQ

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