Kylian Mbappe Transfer News Today – Real Madrid 5 Years Deal Done

Popular French footballer Killian Mbappe has recently signed a five-year deal with Real Madrid, according to various media reports. He is currently playing for the popular Paris Saint-Germain club in France. His contract expires in 2021 and he can join any team as a Free Agent. However, Nasir Al Khelafi, managing and owner of Paris Saint-Germain, has offered to renew the contract with Killian Mbappe, who has also been offered a contract worth 160 160 million a year.

But Killian Mbappe is not supporting the Paris Saint-Germain team. His next destination is likely to be Real Madrid, according to various media reports. Killian Mbabane’s agent has already secretly signed a five-year deal with Real Madrid director Page, according to football news source MARCA. However, Real Madrid authorities have not yet commented on their new deal.

It is expected that the official announcement of the contract renewal will be made in the coming summer transfer market Killian Mbappe. Football fans from all over the world as well as Real Madrid fans are eagerly awaiting this official announcement. We present to you today the details of the verification of Real Madrid transfer news in Killian Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe Transfer News Real Madrid

Every football player dreams of playing in a good club. Real Madrid, one of the football clubs in Europe, can be the destination of any football player. Undoubtedly Killian Mbappe is currently one of the most popular footballers. His dream since childhood has been to be able to provide his own performance sherbet for the Real Madrid playing team.

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Real Madrid, on the other hand, have not made any player transfer market in the last two years just to buy Killian Mbappe as the highest-paid player. A new five-year deal with Killian Mbappe is expected to be completed this summer. Real Madrid director Killian Mbappe has already arrived in France to buy the deal, and Killian Mbappe has spoken to agents directly. Killian Mbappe has signed a five-year deal under the new contract.

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According to Real Madrid, a deal worth 160 160 million has been signed with Page. Although Real Madrid and PSG have not yet commented on the transfer, it is expected that an official announcement will be made soon.

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