Easter Sunday What Happened – The Easter Story of Jesus

Spring symbolizes a new beginning. At the end of winter, the leaves of the plants fall off. The green leaves of the tree germinate freshly this season. Christians around the world celebrate Easter at this time. However, at present, people of different religions around the world celebrate this day with special arrangements. This day is celebrated on the second Sunday of April every year in the name of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity.

As a Christian you should know about this day. Although different historians have expressed different types of doctrines. Today we will tell you the details about what happened that day and all the information is collected from history.

Easter Sunday What Happened

The most popular Christian holiday is Easter Sunday. Other religions hold special events. But do you know why this day is celebrated. If you don’t know, you must wear our own part so that you get a detailed idea about Easter Sunday.


Jesus Christ’s followers believe that Jesus Christ, the founder of the religion, was crucified on Good Friday, and that Jesus Christ was resurrected three days later. Easter Sunday is usually celebrated on the occasion of the resurrection of Jesus.

Rabbit cubs and eggs are used in this festival. These two are commonly used as symbols of Easter Sunday. But if you know why each of these is used then let’s not know about the use of Easter Sunday rabbits and eggs.

The word Easter comes from the name of a Christian goddess named Estro. People of ancient times used to worship this goddess. Whose symbols were rabbits and eggs. The rabbit and the egg both symbolize revival. Eggs used on Easter Sundays are painted in different colors to counteract the spring season. In Greece, one of the countries in Europe, when celebrating Easter Sunday, the rabbit is painted red, which is usually a symbol of the blood that is used to purify the red.


Jesus Christ has worked for the good of mankind throughout his life. On Good Friday he was crucified and killed in a bloody state, and three days later he is thought to have been resurrected. The birth of Jesus Christ has a profound effect on our daily lives. We learn from the resurrection event that we must refrain from all sinful deeds and pray to the great Creator for forgiveness of sins, then He will resurrect us.

All of the above information is collected from Wikipedia. I hope you will observe Easter Sunday with due dignity.

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