25 Best Easter Prayers and Blessings

Easter Sunday is coming and it will be celebrated on 17th April, 2022 based on English Calendar. The Christians and Catholic celebrate the day with joyful. They believe that the Jesus will keep blessing on the day. People from every stage will prayer for their friends and family.

Today we are going to discuss about this day Prayers. It is not the main fact what age you are. People from all ages can prayer on this day and make their wishes. Lets introduce you with this.

Easter Blessing Prayers

Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday. Christians believe that the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days later on Good Friday is a historic event in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a Christian or a Catholic, all religions around the world have a special day. One of the best ways to celebrate this day is to seek the blessing of Jesus Christ.



On this day, almost everyone, young and old, prays to Jesus Christ for their future life. On the morning of Easter Sunday, Christians go to the Father where they are to read various prophecies from the Bible. Here are some Easter Sunday prayers for you. Hope you read our prayers and get close to Jesus.

Easter Prayer for Friends

The person closest to us in our daily life is our friend student life and in every field of career we find these friends by our side. On special days like Easter Sunday we will surely pray for the well wishers of our lives. We will pray to Jesus Christ for them on this day by reading various Bible passages to God to brighten the future of our friends. For those of you who love friends and would like to pray for a friend on Easter Sunday, we have expressed prayers for several friends.Screenshot-2022-04-16-at-2-38-39-PM

Short Easter Prayers

Although Easter Sunday is celebrated with great fervor, on this day we pray for Jesus Christ to make our future path easier. For those who are tired of reading the big prayers, here are a few short Easter Sunday prayers. Feel free to collect and read any prayer from here and get close to Jesus.


Catholic Easter Prayers

Easter Sunday is a special day for Christians as well as Catholics who believe in Jesus Christ as their God. On that day, as a Catholic, you must ask Jesus Christ to do whatever you want on that day. He accepts it and tries to fulfill it in the future.


Ancient Easter Prayers

The people of ancient times were devout, they observed the special days of Jesus Christ through prayer .There are still many ancient customs in our present society which we follow. There are several Easter Sunday prayers that have been selected from the old culture for those of you who read the old Easter Sunday prayers. I came up with some collections for those who want to celebrate this day.


We think you can easily get close to Jesus by reading the above prayers and celebrate Easter Sunday well.

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