Watch Another New Chrisean Rock & BlueFace Leaked Video Tape

Chrisian Rock and Blueface got fans talking about them again when an intimate video of the couple leaked on Twitter hours after Chrisian claimed they had split.

The musicians and their relationship have been making headlines for the past few months. Just a few weeks ago, videos of the two apparently engaging in another public fight went viral.

At the time, Chrissian wrote on her Instagram stories that the rapper dumped her father after claiming “family things didn’t work out”. Two weeks later, intimate videos of the hip-hop stars were leaked despite the couple’s disagreements again.

Chrisian Rock and Blueface’s intimate video has gone viral Twitter has been abuzz with retweets of viral videos of Chrissian and Blueface getting close. Retweets show the video was posted via Chrisean’s official Twitter handle, @ChriseanMalone. The video does not exist on the Blueface page.


A second video also sparked discussion on Twitter, though this time it was shot in a much darker environment. You hear moaning from two people but it is not clear who they are. The repost on Twitter alleged that the viral clip was posted through Chrisian’s Instagram Stories. Both videos are not on their Twitter or Instagram pages.

HITC contacted Chrisian to confirm whether the videos were posted from his account We reached out to Blueface for his reaction to Chrisian’s recent videos and tweets

Watch Full Leak Video 

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Chrisian claims he is single The leaked videos went viral on Monday, October 3, hours after the Rennie Days singer posted a tirade about her relationship with Blueface on Twitter.


He tweeted: “Y’all can have it. Christian rock single. Chrisian, you are enough.

Other statements include: “You wish you were just going to keep this one.”

However, regarding her relationship with Blueface, the singer also wrote, “It’s not like we’re a couple, we’re great partners when it comes to money. I am loyal to those who are there for me. I love blue conditionally.”

Despite this, Chrisian said she is no longer his girlfriend.

Blueface apparently responded to Chrisian’s post about being single by tweeting, “Never been single. Always had a pair.

Per was at New York Fashion Week
Just two weeks ago, the pair were spotted at Danielle’s Leather and Zeus Network’s New York Fashion Week fashion show and party, according to TMZ. They even walked the catwalk together in an oversized bright blue fur coat.

Chrissian looked stunning in a cropped top that barely covered her assets and paired it with body-hugging dark blue booty shorts. Blueface walked past him wearing a bright blue t-shirt with leather pants.

They ended their walk by exchanging a shocking kiss.

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