70+ Buddha Purnima Images 2023 Gautama Buddha Pictures Free Download

The most popular and religious festival of Buddhists, Buddha Purnima, is going to be held on May 15. In some countries in Asia and Europe, the countries with the highest number of Buddhists are going to observe this day. Undoubtedly, this day is a special day for Buddhists and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year.

According to the date of birth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, this day is usually celebrated as a religious festival. This special day will be even more colorful when you send Buddha Purnima greetings to your friends and relatives. However, according to the current trend, we understand that people all over the world usually want to express this Buddha Purnima greetings in the form of images.

Because we spend most of the day through different social media and provide different types of status and stories to express our thoughts. In order to help you, we have published some images related to Buddhapurnima. You must download the images provided by us from your own part and share the joy of your Buddha Purnima with others.

Happy Buddha Purnima Images

Undoubtedly Buddha Purnima is a special day for Buddhists. This day is celebrated based on the date of birth of Gautama Buddha. According to the full moon date, there are Buddhist full moon dates from 15th of May this year to 9:45 am on 16th May. Buddhists around the world perform three different acts of worship and encouragement.



Gautama Buddha Pictures

We started this discussion today for those of you who have decided to celebrate this day. If you want to keep up with the times, it is best to express all the good wishes of Buddha Purnima in the form of images. We have published here the collection of Happy Buddha Purnima images for you.


Below you can download a closed full moon image of your choice and pass it on to your close friends and relatives. This will allow you to express your feelings to them so that they can share this joy.

Happy Buddha Purnima Images for Friends

We have a variety of friends in our daily lives with whom we spend a lot of time. You must wish to wish all these friends on a special day like Buddha Purnima. In this case, you can download Purnima image for some friends and inbox their WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. To help you, we’ve uploaded some images here that can be shared with your friends.


Buddha Purnima Images for Family

With friends as well as family we can celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. In this case we have downloaded for you some Buddhapurnima images that can be shared with your family siblings and relatives and published on our website. So you can collect any photo of your choice from here and share it.

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